Saturday, October 16, 2010

On the Boards: Davidson/LeCompte Residence

Project Name: Davidson/LeCompte Residence
Project #: 10.02
Project Location: Sharon, MA USA

Project Objectives:
1) Provide 2-3 schemes which satisfy the following criteria:
2) Add half-bath on first floor
3) Add laundry room to first or second floor
4) Create more open and efficient floor plan
5) New master bedroom/bathroom
6) Reconfigure main entry into kitchen
7) Reconfigure second floor
8) Add closet space to first floor
9) Redesign deck configuration
10) Visually orient house toward rear carriage house
11) Maintain same number of bedrooms
12) Create eat-in kitchen in addition to dining room
13) Open up south facade (more light, visually connect to outdoors)
14) Add study/library space
15) Maintain a focus on entertaining while maintaining quiet/private
16) Kitchen to living room access
17) Preserve/Reuse existing architectural elements where possible
(pocket doors, woodwork, etc.)

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