Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bad, Beautiful Garden

Check out this ludicrous example of small-scale bureaucracy.  Although entirely subjective, I would argue that their front-yard garden is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing yards in the whole neighborhood.

One of the underlying issues with this article of course is design.  The garden is, probably by most peoples standards, well designed.  It's orderly, tidy and neat.  My hunch is that the petition will get signed and they will be allowed to keep their beautiful vegetable garden.  Design plays a significant role in the judgement of the garden, for what if the garden looked like the one below...

Hmm.  One of my other issues with this article is that with adequate rainfall, especially given the temperate climate of Drummondville, QC, their front yard requires no water, no lawn mowing, nor any fertilizer.  Judging by the two houses in the photograph, you get the sense that the majority of neighbors have immaculately maintained lawns, which, as any well-informed person know, is absolutely abysmal for the environment.

For the sake of the environment and good design, I hope the local bureaucracy gets off of their high horse and lets them keep their beautiful garden.